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Welcome To My Music Page!

My name is Isabella Grace and I am an Arranger and Composer. 

I grew up in the Welsh Countryside surrounded by the ever-changing scenery of the Gower Peninsula. The historic celtic heritage that flows through my blood can be experienced in my music. This is most prominent in my Album "The Journey to Nowhere" and in my single "What's the Name Again?".

"Creating music is like being a marionette, we control the emotion, body and soul".


What do I do...

I am currently a trainee Music therapist and a freelance composer.

I specialise in vocal and instrumental arrangements and love to bring clients visions to life. I have worked alongside authors, directors and bands to produce music and sound that encapsulates them and highlights their work.

I play a variety of instruments included but not limited to Piano, Guitar, Bass and more unique instruments like the Melodica and Kalimba.

My strength is enhancing performances by adding harmonies and adding backing vocals, however, it is not limited to this. I also produce music for short films, podcasts and tracks for live performances. 

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"I contacted Isabella as I was in need of a jingle for my podcast. Isabella was able to deliver the work promptly and exactly in line with the kind of piece that I had in mind. I highly recommend working with her on all musical endeavors."


"Isabella went above and beyond my expectations to produce a beautiful arrangement that is one of my favourite pieces

I've worked on."


Let's Work Together

Whether its an arrangement of a song you want to bring to life, or a unique composition produced solely for you and your work, do not hesitate to get in touch.

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