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The Wood Pigeon Song

What's The Name Again?

A fun, sweet, quirky Welsh pop song which plays around with sentence openings and questions. Music Video Out Now!!

The Journey To Nowhere


“The Journey To Nowhere” is an album centred around the fusion of piano, sound design and vocal ab lib. This album aims to use unconventional sounds which would normally be overlooked, to create mood and atmosphere. The use of rising synths and field recordings allow the theme of movement to shine through, placing the listener into different soundscape scenes that travel smoothly from the intensity of trains to the calm and meditative sounds of waves crashing on the shores.

The album began as a small music project filled with sounds that I had recorded on the train using a Tascam DR-40; I found enjoyment in reconstructing sounds and using them in unorthodox ways. I developed different soundscapes using the audio I had captured from outside my window. I began with the rain, which morphed into birds and then thanks to the “Soundsnap” licence given to us students; I was able to widen my sound library and began experimenting with sample wave crashes. 

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