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Initial Patch Development

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

April 1st - April 6th.

Building a Performative Patch with Pure Data Part 2.

April 1st, the day I sat down and opened up the patch for the first time in over a year. The patch was minimalistic, it had three sine wave oscillating frequencies that used the polynomials to create harmonics. I had initially put in three separate frequencies 110hz, 220hz and 440hz however, today I was going to add an audio input for my synthesiser so then the polynomials can work with other waves.

The setup of getting the synthesiser into the patch was relatively easy as I already had three examples in my code of how to connect inputs. It was useful having the three separate frequencies as it showed a pattern in inserting sound into the patch.

I tested out the synth on the sine setting and found that the polynomials worked with the synthesiser. I then decided to explore the other settings on the synth including the multi saw, pulse and FM.

Upon exploring the sounds I discovered that there is a distorted sound coming from the patch when I raise certain sliders. I took a closer look into their settings and discovered that the level on some of the sliders were incorrect which meant they distorted when raising the volume.

This example can be found in the small video showing my first experiment with the patch using my synthesiser as the input sound.

The patch, now working with my synthesiser meant it was time to move on to adding effects and a mixing channel to ensure that all the effects could be properly controlled.

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