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Organisation and Tremolo

April 27th - May 4th.

Building a Performative Patch in Pure Data Part 6.

I went into my patch and looked at the failed tremolo and noticed where I went wrong, I did not have a symbol equation to get the correct sound and I had missed out on adding a tempo range for the effect. with this in mind, I began creating another tremolo.

I used the Guitar Extended website tutorial as the sound from their example audio was nice. I had completed what I initially had set out to do for the patch so I placed the tremolo into the sub-patch with my Ring Modulation and Failed Tremolo. This time it all worked, although it was a lot quieter than my ring modulation there was still an evident tremolo effect present.

I then began organising the patch making sure that everything was in the right place in case something went wrong and I needed to see the issue. My final patch consists of Chebyshev Polynomials, Tremolo, Ring Modulation, EQ, Flanger, Reverb and Delay. I was going to add a looping mechanism in the patch however, all of my attempts failed and there were not many tutorials online or pure data enthusiasts to help me create the looper. I will definitely in the future continue exploring this element however, for now, it was time to start practising performing with the patch.

This is my patch at the moment, inside the gallery you will see the inside works of the patch and how each area works.

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