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Is it Noise Or Is it Music?

18th May - 25th May.

Using Pure Data To Perform Part 2.

This week I spent each day creating different performances, watching them back and then figuring out how to improve their fluidity. I was finding myself getting critical of how it flowed and sounded as I still had the mentality that the performance was meant to be melodic.

I sent examples of my performances to my friend and they recommended I listen to Suzanne Ciani. Listening to her modular synth performances I felt more relaxed in what I was doing and was inspired by her crazy setup, the video I watched was of her Quadraphonic sound performance in the LA Public Library on their YouTube channel. After listening, I had more ideas as to where I could take my setup in the upcoming months and how I could create more modular effects on my patch.

Practising performances began getting easier as I was no longer questioning whether my work was noise or music, I focused on only the patch and synthesiser and decided for now to increase my skill in this area of experimentation. I also became confident in my control of the synthesiser as previously the sounds I would create and change would feedback and create distortion and volume peak above 0db. From experimenting, I learned how to control this element of my synth and patch.

In the future I will add more into the mix however, for now, I want to become good at this new form of performance I have discovered.

Here are four example pieces I created the day after listening to Suzanne Ciani.

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