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Creating EQ and Flanger

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

15th April - 21st April.

Building a Performative Patch with Pure Data Part 4.

I spent this week building the EQ setting on my patch. I created a Low Pass Filter, High Pass Filter, Band Pass Filter and Voltage Control Filter. This effect was created using the Floss Manual and it was fairly easy due to there being an already High pass and Low pass filter built-in on pure data.

I noticed that the Band Pass and Voltage control EQ worked well, especially with changing the way the instrument sounded but I was struggling with using numbers to change the frequency range. Although the tutorial was useful I decided to explore the use of sliders instead. I researched whether sliders could go above 5000 as I was wanting to control the HZ frequency and

didn’t know if it would crash my system. I discovered that it did go up to 10,000 so instead of using numbers, I changed my patch to use a slider which made it easier to control when I was experimenting with performing the patch.

I then decided to create a Flanger. At first, I went online and followed a tutorial on the website Guitar Extended however, I was not understanding the explanation so I had to search elsewhere for examples of Flangers. The issue with Pure Data is that it is very niche, becoming less commonly used which means that finding example patches online was difficult. However, I managed to create a flanger using my knowledge of how a flanger is created. The only issue I had was the fact that I was getting a signal but I wasn't getting output volume.

I moved the output volume of the patch to the Flanger to see if I was getting sound into this part of the patch. I was getting sound into this part of the patch but from there it wouldn’t go into my mixer. Once I discovered this I created a separate slider which went onto the mixer panel but did not go into the same output as the other effects. It then worked, I do not understand why it wouldn't go to the same output as the other effects however, it doesn't cause an issue and the patch now works with fun experiments.

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