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Capturing the Performance

27th May - 31st May.

Using Pure Data to Perform Part 3.

Building a Performative Patch with Pure Data was a success, I was able to create unique and diverse sounds and trigger different variations of music and soundscape. Whilst also discovering different ways of looping in my synthesiser without causing a disturbance in the recording.

After the past week of exploring the sounds it was time to do proper performance pieces, I had decided to go with the setup of showing the keyboard and the patch. I did two performances showing my face however, I felt that it was not necessary for the performance. The music was quite good so I kept them in as experimental studies but with future recordings, unless I am streaming I will not show my face.

There is so much more I wish to add to the performance with effects and instruments, the issue with this is the price of equipment and the implementation. Previously I mentioned using a looper pedal, I had borrowed one-off from a friend but, the signal would not travel to and from the looper pedal. It would have worked so well if it did, If I was able to get the looper to work I would have used it in my final performances.

I will be exploring other ways of looping my patch in the future and incorporating other equipment. I believe this project was a success as I not only learned how to break out of the boundary of secular performance but I also discovered new skills in creating sounds.

Here is a link to my performance available to view on YouTube

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